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The exuberant nature of this country of such beauty and contrasts called Chile is only one of its attributes… The list is long; the variety in geography and climate; warm, friendly people; first class infrastructure; a good road system; daily flights to many tourist destinations; varied gastronomy; possibility of finding entertainment during all the seasons of the year and a lot more.  Also worth of mention is its economic stability and the safety it offers tourists who can walk tranquilly through its streets.

In Chile there is a lot to discover: the Atacama Desert, the driest in the world and place of origin of ancestral native cultures; Easter Island and its valuable archaeological treasures; the endemic flora and fauna in the south; the island of Chiloe and its fantastic myths or the majestic places in the Patagonia, such as the Torres del Paine that are known throughout the world. 

And if you only have time to visit the Central Zone, there are a number of alternatives, the peaks of the Andes Mountains with their winter resorts that offer excellent ski slopes, or the Chilean wine route in the fertile valleys surrounding the capital city of Santiago among others.

All the impressive locations in Chile are distributed over an area of 756.096 sq km in southeast South America. It is the longest and narrowest country in the continent, with a large part of its territory still unexplored.  What most attracts attention to this territory is it contrasts; you can visit the desert, the Patagonia and its eternal ice, the exuberant nature of the south… Even in Santiago, traveling only a few kilometers, you can go from skiing on the peaks of the Andes Mountains to enjoying a trip to the central coastline and its beautiful beach resorts. Here, everything is possible.

The friendliness of the Chilean people is well known abroad.  Their willingness to serve the tourist, to help him and offer him hospitality is the characteristic of this kind and friendly people that will make you feel at home.

Because of its long coastline, one of Chile’s outstanding features is its cuisine based on fish and shellfish.  The lobsters from the Juan Fernandez archipelago or the typical “curanto” from the Island of Chiloe are dishes that are well worth trying.  Barbecued lamb or beef, meat pies “empanadas” accompanied by a good wine, an exquisite seafood platter “paila marina”.

In Chile, the gastronomy offers a wide range for all tastes and for the most refined palates.

For information on hotels, restaurants, gastronomic and winery tours and a variety of excursions and sightseeing activities, please contact us at:

  • Lira # 441, Suite 65, Santiago de Chile. Phone: +(56.2) 2635.0541 / 2570.9293  info@chilequest.com